Monday, May 31, 2004

school's been good. i like that i know nearly all the kids names now, and i like even better that now i can tell that i could be a great teacher one day.

my cousin's boyfriend is staying with us for 3 weeks while he's down here studying. i can hear him talking to my parents in the kitchen now.

when i'm finished this prac (one week to go!) i'm going to make felafels. i've never had one before but i really want to make them and i REALLY hope i like them. sometime this week i'm going to cook up some couscous too, but i don't know what to put with it. what are you supposed to add to couscous?

next weekend i'm going to go to the city and pick up my Youssou N'Dour dvd, visit the Man Ray exhibit at the art gallery, and go to see The Cooler at the Palace. i've missed being in the city. i wonder what next year will be like - i'll be in a little town but london will only be 2 hours away, and cambridge even closer. i can't even imagine what that'll be like. and paris! it's only 5 months until i leave now.

i got a haircut on saturday, and it's lighter now too. i don't know if i like it - other people have said they do but i don't think the look's a stayer. a dark, dark brunette is what i am, and that is what i'll be.

the best sub-heading i've ever seen is this: "this website definitely needs more cowbell".

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

my friend driving a left-side drive truck for four hours today as an extra for this movie. it's going to be must-see flick, for sure.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

there is something really good about watching a soccer game. even if you don't know the rules you will know enough to enjoy the tension, the goal count is always low (and therefore easy to remember) and it's outside.

today was a good day - they didn't win but the teams weren't roughing each other up too much... well, i guess it was a pretty average day for them but i had a really good time. i caught up with a friend, and manned the soccer canteen for a few hours, making egg and bacon burgers so good that people come solely for them before they go to another field to watch their kids. i didn't even get hungry (40 hour famine for world vision this weekend) but now i'm home i am. maybe more tempted than hungry. tonight may be harder though, it's another friend's 21st. ahh well.

the first week at school was really good. nathan is an amazing teacher and i learnt an incredible amount just from watching him. the kids are friendly, but there is a toughness about them that you don't get from where i live. some of those kids go through some really hard experiences. i have the year 8 music (13 year olds)
all on my own, which isn't the easist class but i could have a lot worse. all i've got to do now is plan 4 weeks of work for them! yiiikes.

i'll be here next year.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

devotedbee comics and stories

Saturday, May 08, 2004

i'm going to england.


Saturday, May 01, 2004

for the first time this year, i wore jackets some days this week.

i've applied to do an internship in england at the end of the year for 6 weeks, and then stay on for a year to teach. it's a scholarship and they would pay for my airfare, accomodation and food (minus $500), as well as finding the accomodation and getting me a place at a school.

if it was in london, i don't think i'd do it. but this place is called great yarmouth, and it's a small place on the east coast right on the beach. probably not a sandy beach, but i don't mind. i've looked up lots of pictures and read the headlines from their local newspaper from the last couple months. you know, if i really do go, i'll get to see snow falling! i may also get to meet the woman who recently got in the guinness book of records for completing jigsaw puzzles faster than anyone else. i tell you, i think i might like the pace there. anyway, hopefully i'll know sometime next week.

i have so much work to do before then.

on thursday i got a letter from my friend natascha in a cloudy envelope. it's not clear but you can see what's inside. (yes, paper. i know i know.) she's from germany and in part of the letter she wrote, "I was thinking of you while i was in salzberg..."

if you can, listen to a copy of the song "i heard the angels sing" from 'painting signs' by eric bibb. he's a blues man and he will make you one.