Friday, June 25, 2004

exams are finished, all assignments are in, all the taped episodes of alias have been watched. the world is at peace again.

i went to the blood bank today. first they check your iron level, then they get you in the chair, then they check your blood pressure and find a vein. my iron's good, my pressure's very low, and they had to check both arms for a vein. but they hooked me up, and the needle hardly hurt. i didn't watch while the nurse put it in.

the last time i gave blood i was in my last year of school, and it was at the doctor's though i forget why i needed it done. i do remember, though, that my friends told me all about how much it would hurt so i'd be prepared. i was sitting next to the doctor's desk and he was prepping my arm when i told him i was nervous. my doctor is really fast and the next thing he'd done it. i started to say, "hey, that didn't hurt at all" when i fainted and fell off the chair.

today the needle didn't hurt but i got really dizzy really fast. "c'mon," i said to myself, "you've just been sitting here for a few seconds". Then, all at one time, i knew i was fainting so i told the nurse and she took out whatever that blood-sucking tube is called. she put cool cloths on my forehead and neck and said the colour had gone from my face. man, i was so sorry. all this trouble and my body had hardly gone through anything (50ml! a can of drink is 375ml) to bring it on.

it's strange when you faint - i don't know how common it is, but it's not unusual on my mum's side. we're all very tall too. you become a little woozy, and then so dizzy that it's like pins and needles in your head, or tv static in your mind's eye. then you can't see anything even though you know your eyes are open, like your eyes have turned 180 degrees and gone "hey!! what's going on back here?" that's the part when your legs buckle.

i fainted on primary school parade once, straight down onto the concrete. it's embarrassing because everyone fusses over you. on the other hand, today i did end up with two cups of cordial and some biscuits, and a red teardrop-shaped sticker that says "be nice to me. i gave blood today!" cool.

Friday, June 18, 2004

friday night!

on monday a few of us went 'round to Amy and Harlee's for dinner and we ended up watching some futurama. i never really got into it before but things are always better when you're watching it with someone who really likes it. one of the episodes was the one when bender and beck go on a tour, so today after the exam i started my beckjucation and borrowed out 'odelay!' and some others from the library.

i wanted to see janet's violin recital today but i stayed home and studied for the exam instead. i've been so worried about keeping my gpa up that i had a dream two nights ago that i got a 1 (a gross fail) for this exam. but the exam was great! i really think i did ok. i hear janet play on saturday night but not her whole 40min programme. she is such an amazing player, i can't wait to see where she goes in the next few years.

i parked two streets away from uni and a little old lady (i mean little - i know i'm tall but she came up to my elbow) came out and told me she'd watch the car. we talked for a while, she kissed my hand and wished me good luck for my exam. pity she didn't chase away the parking inspector! oh well.

i had a mouthful of blueberries and pastry as i arrived at the ground floor of the library with those beck cds when a good-looking boy smiled and said hello.

youth group tonight, exam study this weekend, concert tomorrow night, church sunday. and i'm going to make those felafels this weekend, so help me...!

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Monday, June 07, 2004

finished school!

2 exams and 2 assignments in the next 2 weeks, plus a number of other projects, gigs, rehearsals and other stuff.

i made couscous with spicy chilli tuna, and it turned out really well. i also started putting cinnamon in my hot chocolate, thanks to Sunny.

i saw The Cooler and really liked it.

so much to do, and where is my motivation?? where where where???