Tuesday, July 27, 2004

1. so england will have to go without another aussie next year.  i imagined i might cry from frustration and disappointment when i found out, but instead it was like all the muscles in my chest loosened and i felt relief.  i wasn't expecting that. 

2. yesterday i saw bill clinton on oprah (that show has ad breaks every 4 minutes!  it's insane) and he has a huge rain stick in his new york house's barn (which has never actually been used as a barn).  a huge rain stick!  that's cool.  he turned it upside down for her, which is how you make it sound, and he just stood there and listened. 

3. this cd is very good and i'm enjoying it a lot.

4. i'm home from school again, thanks to waking up with a new set of symptoms.  today i was supposed to do judging and timekeeping at the sports day, which would have been great.  well, there's another one on friday.

5. mummy finds a friend in the industry.

6. i've been reading some more c.s. lewis.  i decided to read the chronicles of narnia annually last year but they're not what i've been looking at.

7. do you remember the packs you can buy with a colouring-in book, a puzzle book and little pack of pencils that are themed to a tv show?  i found a voltron one at our house.  and an alf one, embarrassingly enough.

8. 8, 8.  i was leafing through a recipe book to see if they had instructions for making porridge with normal oats and i found some recipes for preparing brain.  once i had a crush on a boy called brian and kept writing his name down as brain by accident.

9. i think that boy may be the unrequited love of my life.

10. not brian, the other boy.


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