Saturday, July 17, 2004

when i had a birthday, i though that when i woke up in the morning i would be different.  wiser, more comfortable, confident, secure, more spontaneous, more satisfied, more experimental, whatever.  i haven't had a birthday but the last few weeks have felt like that.  every day we grow older but suddenly i feel older.
the valley fiesta was unbelievable.  it started pouring after we'd played two songs, but we played those tunes really well and people were dancing in the rain.  we had to stop playing after that because it was too dangerous - all the equipment was getting wet and the sound guys had cleverly run all the power cables along the gutter and they were under 15cm of water.  mmm.  i bought some badges (because it was a festival - c'mon, you have to) from this cool brisbane fashion design company called stitch, and one says i think you look pretty. we headlined at a benifit gig for barc at the zoo on thursday night and the crowd was awesome.  everyone was dancing and the show felt so good. 
i want to do a really good job with my classes at school and even though things don't always come easily in the classroom i think i am getting better.
someone from great yarmouth is coming over in late july to talk to us about what it'll be like over there.  i still have to get a passport.
on the way home on friday i visited a friend who's been in cuba and spain the last few years playing music and taking lessons, meeting a wonderful girl, you know.  i saw photos and heard lots of music and woke him up from a post-hangover nap.  i'm sorry!  xo.
meanwhile, susie seems so lovely.  while i'm fairly certain that no one is reading this, you should visit her journal and look around her shoppe.  check out the octopi collection and the hummingbird t-shirt!  aww.


Blogger james said...

--while i'm fairly certain that no one is reading this--

people are, indeed, reading this.

in fact, with the music and the festivals and the getting ready to move overseas, i'm living vicariously through your weblog.

July 17, 2004 at 9:53 PM  
Blogger a said...

hey, thanks.

July 18, 2004 at 3:15 PM  

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