Wednesday, August 11, 2004

music stuff.

i got this cd in the mail this week, and every note speaks.

this should also be a good album.

the next album i'd like to remember to get when i'm at the music store is this one. The return to CD of New York's favorite sons, the Holmes Brothers, is a welcome one. Indeed, while fans know what to expect — a killer mélange of soul, blues, gospel, and funk — those combinations are always surprising... music like this deserves to be played from every open window. This is the first great record of 2004.

did you know that you can go month-long music camps in west africa? how amazing would they be!

non-music stuff.

after i found out about the scholarship falling through i got really down, health-wise and mentally. i was in slump with school work, and was feeling uninspired, tired and sick. now i am acknowledging that i'm very sad that it didn't work out. happy to stay, but sad not to go.

that friend of mine is playing an hour-long solo set on friday night, and then the band he's in has an hour set. it's his birthday on sunday.

and now - radioactive boy scout.


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