Monday, September 27, 2004

(this message was composed on Sat, Sep 27, 2003)

Dear FutureMe,

well, i am nearly 21. what was it like?

things i am looking forward to that will happen by the end of 2003 - i'll get my drivers license, i'll work out how to use grandad's mamiya, i'll have seen the frames play live (!!!), i'll have finished my first high school prac at Nambour, i will have started working at myer, i'll have had good times with friends

things that i hope have happened by the end of 2004 - i will have saved some money and made plans to travel to NZ, italy, france, the greek islands, ireland, scotland, blakeny, NY, the pacific islands...
i'll have been Rachels's bridesmaid! i will know what teaching is like, kabombo kombo will have played some gigs. i won't have to do so many assignments (!), i'll be able to do laps of the pool without getting puffed, i'll have seen some good movies, maybe it won't be so hard to hear God, i'll have seen u2 play live (!!!), maybe there will be a nice boy too.

Future things that have that excited-afriad feeling about them: moving out, moving away from everyone, especially Natalie, first year out.

Today is Harlee and Amy's engagement party.


try it.

also, RCmd - you've met the holmes brothers??