Wednesday, October 13, 2004

last weekend my folks and i drove up to bribie. we checked out some places for rent, went to the beaches, saw the school and some churches as we were driving past, went to an orchid show (yes, we went to an orchid show) and had some fish and chips for lunch. the fish was so good! i've told lots of people about that fish. seeing high school-aged kids walking around made me nervous though. actually, a lot of that trip made me nervous. but i guess i never expected it to be easy either.

today the band and i drove up to caboolture to do a workshop at a high school up there. we played 5 songs all up including a drumming piece and we taught the kids some drumming patterns and had everyone playing or dancing. everyone loves african music! alison was in the car with me (an hour and a half of driving both ways!) which i really appreciated. i really like alison. we had icecreams on the way home.

natalie's 21st was yesterday. i wanted to get her something that she could use her whole life, starting now, so i decided on a wool blanket. it's really beautiful (it's lindsay, which was my grandad's first name - so we can all recognise the tartan). today we had the hottest october temperatures on the east coast in 27 years! i should've gotten her a water gun.

here's the traditional cd list as it stands 3 days before my birthday:

the frames - burn the maps
the holmes brothers - simple truths
yo la tengo - i can hear the heart beating as one (thank you, james)
the dissociatives - self titled
the black keys - thickfreakness
music from the o.c. mix one
ben harper and the blind boys of alabama - there will be a light


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