Wednesday, October 06, 2004

the other day a girl told me a story about when she was in year 5 and she had to redo an entire project (the kind when you make a poster or something) the night before it was due because she had fallen asleep on her desk and drooled on it.

yesterday, the state education department and offered me a job teaching music and some social studies at bribie island state high for three years. yeah, an island. a little island with beaches, a national park, a great golf course, fishing... this, of course, means i will have to learn to play golf and fish. and that means my recreational habits will be the same as a 65 year old man. you know i would love? windsurfing. please ask me in 6 months time if i have learnt to windsurf, i am appointing you to hold me to it.

so bribie's about and hour away from my home, which is far enough away to be out of pockets and close enough that when i say "bye" to friends it won't really be bye.

i had to call ed qld back with yes/no on the same afternoon. i've never had a full-time job before. i think this means i am now a grown-up.


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