Monday, March 28, 2005

it has been 15 weeks since my last, ahh, entry.

in the last week i have seen dave matthews band, g. love and special sauce, jack johnson, michael franti, xavier rudd, eric bibb, elixer, the frames, cubanissimo, mia dyson, the violent femmes and some others.

i thought i didn't like any tea or coffee but found out that green tea is ok. it's nasty when you get to the bottom of the mug but i never even think about throwing it out. ok, well i think about it. my brother went to taiwan for a month and brought back real green tea. when he was over there, he was the first white person that a lot of people had seen.

bribie is beautiful, school is hard. i have to proove to myself that i can do this though. i am going to teach my 3 years at bribie and then travel. this means saving. my dream is to travel the world going to music festivals, i think i should put a "before i'm --" date on it though. before i'm 30?

i hope you're well.